An ERA-Net initiative for promoting infrastructure funding in the Life Sciences (2008 - 2012)

ERA-Instruments aims at initiating coordination and a sustainable network of ministries, charities, funding agencies and research councils active in funding of life science RI. This European platform of relevant stake-holders will set up comprehensive tools for adequate treatment of instrumentation related topics enabling conclusions for research policies on both a national and European level. The ERA-NET will focus on bio-analytical instrumentation (incl. post-genomic high-throughput techniques) such as NMR, mass spectrometry, microscopy, micro-array platforms etc. These midsize equipments have become an essential and strategic strength for European countries. The ERA-NET can build on the broad experience with RI funding of its partners. Contacts to the scientists will thus remain close and continuous. Promotion of RI funding in FP-7 and support for new member states will also strengthen the position of European research.

Follow-up Activities are:

2010 - 2013 ESF Member Organisation Forum on Research Infrastructure

since 2013    Science Europe Working Group Research Infrastructure

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Development of Research Infrastructures in Europe


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